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VAFlow was designed and developed from scratch by Label Independent, Inc.  We're based in Princeton, New Jersey.

Our story- We develop software for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.  This is an industry where time and reproducibility are really important.  Moreover, getting things done quickly, efficiently, and with full documentation of who did what, when, where, why, and how is really important (especially for regulatory agencies like the FDA).

We're also a business like any other.  We have projects, workflows, people in-house and remote, tons of tools to help us develop beautiful, powerful software - but we had a big problem.  We were using tools like Skype, Dropbox, email, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Google Drive, text, and meetings to get things done.  

We had problems sharing files (who had the most recent version), changing project details (trapped in emails), communicating with people in different locations (Skype and text), and making sure the right person, was doing the right task, at the right time, in the right way.  Not to mention we needed to have responsive workflows as projects and details changed.

We developed VAFlow to be one place where we do all of our work.  We made it browser-based so there is no software to install and no updates to maintain.  We made it work in the cloud so we could scale quickly as we added more data.  We made each workflow and project live on a simple shareable canvas, so we could share it with anyone and they could see the complete picture (even if they joined in the middle of a project).  We made it super simple to use, so any one of us could quickly create workflows, and also assign people and manage tasks.  We did all this so we could maintain context.

We also made it so everything is saved and shared in real-time, so there is no 'save' button and every detail is always captured.  

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